Designs beyond your expectations will be created.

This is a crowdsourcing service for designing. Let's create designs like logo, app icon, business card, and T-shirt. You can get high quality design with a competition system that you can choose the best one from submissions.

Welcome to Logo_black

You can order logo design, business card design, and other designs to not only Japanese but designers from all over the world with competition style.

4 characteristics

1. Competition system that you can choose from submissions

You can choose the best design browsing the submitted designs because you order designs with the competition system.

2. Various creatives

You can get more creative and various designs because there are designers from all over the world.

3. Great supporting system

Clients can buy their favorable designs with their private customer support and direction support from designclue.

4. Focusing on designing and setting the cheapest cost

We cut meaningless process by focusing on designing, which makes it possible to keep the high quality and set the cheapest price in Japan.

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We offer the opportunity to meet clients from all over the world, not only Japanese.
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